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Latest Automotive News and Commentary

We drive the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata
  by Ali Arsham
There are many cars these days that claim to be driver focused but many of them don’t even come with a manual transmission so they can’t be taken seriously.  Yes, Ferraris and Lamborghinis don’t come with a manual transmission these days and that’s a shame because the joy of a sports car is to feel the machine and be in charge instead of having computers do all the work for you.  Fortunately, the folks at Mazda still feel that way and the new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata is as pure as you can get in a mass produced sports car.
Mercedes makes the SL models more dynamic
  Fixes the ugly front of the previous model
New appearance for an automotive icon: the beginning of 2016 will see the start of customer orders for the Mercedes-Benz SL which will be available from April 2016 with a host of significantly enhanced technical and visual features. More powerful engines, the automatic transmission 9G-TRONIC, DYNAMIC SELECT with five transmission modes and Active Body Control with the curve tilting function all take the legend to a new dynamic level.
Re-living Childhood Dream with 1971 Pontiac LeMans
  by Stephen Cox
Keith Boschetti didn't have his driver's license. It was the autumn of 1985 and his 16th birthday wasn't until the following February. But like every teenager in the 1980's, he wanted a car. And it had to be a muscle car that he could drive with pride. "I didn't just want a car. I wanted a cool looking car. I wanted something special," Boschetti said from his New York office, reflecting on his childhood in Bergen County, New Jersey.
Cadillac XT5 Initiates New Series Of Cadillac
  Luxury Crossover with new V6 engine and advanced all-wheel drive
Cadillac today unveiled the first-ever 2017 Crossover Touring 5 (XT5,) a comprehensively upgraded luxury crossover and the cornerstone of a new series of crossovers in the brand's ongoing expansion. The first-ever XT5 premieres this month at the Dubai and Los Angeles auto shows and begins production in the U.S. and China in spring 2016.
2017 Acura NSX
  High-Tech Reincarnation of Acura's supercar
When the original Acura NSX made its debut 25 years ago, it forever changed the supercar universe by combining scintillating sports car styling and athletic performance—common traits long associated with the exotic car segment—with a new dimension of quality, exceptional ergonomics, comfort, and dynamic poise. The NSX introduced and defined Acura's approach to "Precision Crafted Performance" with its cutting-edge design and innovative technology that provided accessible supercar performance for real drivers in the real world.
Ferrari's street legal F12tdf is built for the track
  Ferrari says that in terms of acceleration, the tdf is 'second to none.'
Ferrari has revealed the F12tdf which pays homage to the Tour de France, the legendary endurance road race that Ferrari dominated in the 1950s and '60s. The F12tdf is a concentration of technical innovations which involve all the areas central to Ferrari's DNA: engine, aerodynamics and vehicle dynamics. As a result, in terms of acceleration, roadholding and agility, the new berlinetta is second to none. 0-60 mph comes in 2.7-seconds, 120 mph comes in 7.9 sec. Top speed is 211 mph.
The All-New 2016 BMW M2
  More torque than past generation M3's
  • M TwinPower Turbo Technology yielding impressive performance.
  • Wider track featuring lightweight aluminum suspension.
  • Manual gearbox with innovative rev-matching technology.
  • Fully variable Active M Differential.
The Car Radio
  Seems like cars have always had radios, but they didn't.
One evening, in 1929, two young men named William Lear and Elmer Wavering drove their girlfriends to a lookout point high above the  Mississippi River town of Quincy, Illinois, to watch the sunset. It was a romantic night to be sure, but one of the women observed that it would be even nicer if they could listen to music in the car. Lear and Wavering liked the idea.
2016 BMW M4 GTS
  First time available for USA
BMW today announced the new 2016 BMW M4 GTS giving BMW M GmbH a new and exclusive technological masterpiece which elevates the potential of the BMW M4 Coupe to an impressive new level. With its powerful, motorsport-inspired looks and high-performance technology, the BMW M4 GTS has its sights set squarely on the race track.
We drive the Ford F350 4WD King Ranch
  by Ali Arsham
The heavy duty diesel pick up market war has been going for many years now and I think it is safe to say that Ford has brought the biggest gun to the fight. Everyone talks about how their truck can haul the most but we wanted to see just how well the new Ford F350 can tow so we arranged a test to tow the biggest trailer that we could find to see the results.
We drive the 2015 Lincoln Navigator
  by Ali Arsham
A full size luxury SUV is probably the best vehicle for a long distance road trip and they don’t get much better than the Lincoln Navigator.  So when we had a 2015 Navigator show up, we had no choice but to drive it everywhere and see if the Navigator is as enjoyable as we remember it from its early days.
Porsche sports car concept: Mission E
  Electric Sports Car
This is what it might look like -- the Porsche of tomorrow. Porsche is presenting the "Mission E" concept car at the IAA in Frankfurt from 17 to 27 September. The concept car is a coherent design of a sports car with an electric drive and all of the traits that make up a Porsche. In the Mission E, an entirely new spread is experienced between performance and efficiency -- supplemented by a futuristic display and control concept. The joint premiere with the new generation 911 Carrera has symbolic character. The first all-electrically powered four-seat Porsche of the 21st century represents the future of a concept that made the 911 the most successful sports car ever for over 50 years.
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